About us

About Best Clothes

Best Clothes Trading LLC is established in the Emirates of Umm Al Quawain, UAE, as the Emirates offer range of facilities to Companies and the Emirates is very cost effective as compared to other Emirates in UAE. This helps us to keep our costing for our customers very competitive yet maintaining high quality standards.

The company has been established with professional having 15 years of experience in the Cotton Rags industry. The Plant has been setup with machinery to handle cutting and packing capacity of upto 15000 kgs per day, with an aspiration of being leading cotton rags / wipers manufacturer in UAE we target to increase our production capacity upto 30000 kgs per day in next few months.

Best Clothes Trading LLC is leading manufacturer of soft absorbent cleaning cloths, cut and packed to our customers specific requirements. Our vast range includes T-shirt wipers (Colour / White), Mix Cotton (Colour / White), Fleece (Colour / White), Towels (Colour / White), Flannel wipers etc. We pack in 8/9/10/30/35/40/50 kg bundles as per customer requirements. We cater to major industrial houses in UAE and also export to other countries in the GCC, Europe and Australia.


The different types of soft absorbent cleaning cloths we deal in includes

  • White T-Shirt / Polo Wiper
  • White Printed Polo Wiper
  • White Light Cotton Wiper
  • White Fleece Wiper
  • White Towel Wiper
  • Colour T-Shirt / Polo Wiper
  • Colour Light Cotton Wiper
  • Colour Fleece Wiper
  • Colour Towel Wiper
  • Colour Flannel Wiper